XTZ Antipodes

Welcome to XTZ Antipodes, a boutique delegation service for the discerning Tezos holder.

Our mission is simple: to deliver the best delegation returns, and accelerate the Tezos delegation ecosystem towards competitive fee models.

Delegate Address


Fee Structure

8% dynamic fees. We deliver 92% of the block, endorsement and transaction fee rewards deriving from delegated baking power. Delegation rewards up to and including delegation cycle 19 (baking cycle 26, reward cycle 32) will be delivered at the 5% rate.

Our process is designed to mirror the exact structure of the Tezos protocol. This means that calculations of delegated baking power are based on the actual roll snapshots used and the balance at that time. The snapshot used is randomly selected by the protocol to be one of any of the 16 throughout the cycle. Changing delegates in the middle of a cycle means you cannot be sure who your delegate for that cycle is until later, but it will always be set. Changing within the first 256 blocks of a cycle will always result in a change of delegate for that cycle.

Payout Model

With the current economic constants of the Tezos protocol, baking power calculated in the snapshot of cycle N is used for baking in cycle N+7. In cycle N+13, the bonds and baking rewards are unlocked and returned to the baker. At this point, the rewards become pending and will be paid every cycle, with the possibility of being delivered earlier.

Delegation Capacity

In general the automatically calculated capacity listed for XTZ Antipodes on mytezosbaker.com is accurate. If we have any deviations from this figure we will advise this here.

Additional Terms

At this time, we are restricting delegations to accounts between 1 kXTZ and 200 kXTZ, except by prior arrangement. These restrictions may ease as our systems mature. Delegations outside these amounts are not guaranteed to receive delegation rewards.

All terms and conditions on this page are for the purposes of establishing user expectations, and are subject to revision. Making a delegation transaction does not represent a contract between the user and XTZ Antipodes.


Please feel free to send us an email, hang out in our Telegram channel, or follow us on Twitter.